Shifting Dreams, Steadfast Faith

Everything in life starts one way, and then develops into another. The process of growth regarding our purpose should grow and change as our human lives do. The embryo is unrecognizable as the initial manifestation of the fully developed human body, but at every stage, it is the same life, changing shape. So should our youthful revelations be. We call them “lofty” upon reminiscence, remembering feelings of passion and hope, and are saddened when we realize we don’t feel the same way after the years we have spent traveling through life. Our purpose hasn’t diminished; our perception of it hasn’t grown with us. It’s the argument for faith. Faith is the seed of all dreams. If our idea of what the seed will grow into is different than what is realized, we might despair, harden our hearts, and say that dreams don’t come true. However, if our seed of faith – at any stage – is handed over to the One Who created all things, we will see His working in our lives all along.

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