Intercessory Feelings

As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, we know that our feelings are not to rule us, but do we understand what part they play, as our lives become the will of the Lord? Whenever we are burdened with feelings that we either cannot, or can only roughly connect with something we are going through, we need to cut the introspection short. If we submit to the natural instinct to over-analyze the origin of the feelings, we will miss the opportunity to intercede. Apart from the fact that Christians are not perfect, these feelings should never be confused with things we have committed to the Lord. Rather, it should be a profound indication that it’s time to pray for someone else. The Holy Spirit will press upon our human emotions to lead us into specific intercessions. Sadness, lust, fears, anxiety or despair may fill our knowledge beyond our personal experience, and it is a burden-bearer’s job to take it to prayer. Sometimes we know for whom we are specifically interceding, sometimes we don’t. But Satan’s kingdom takes its hardest hits from intuitive, intercessory prayer.

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