Confidence in Him, Not in Ourselves

Humiliation is bread and butter to a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, but to anyone who has their thoughts cut out in the pattern of the world, it is poison. It is an old saying, “Pride is the original sin.” In renovation a great stripping away is necessary to acquire newness, and a real ugliness is present for a time in this process when everything is dirty, broken down and chaotic. To stop at this part of the process is a shame; it prevents the new from coming in. If humiliation means that we own up to the mess when it is a mess so that the work can continue, so be it. This is the disciple’s point of view. However, if we become morbidly dismayed by the ugliness when we see it, there will be no end of delays to the regeneration process; pride will deceive a heart into a state of paralysis. Ironically, the more wrong we are in a worldly mindset, the more unwilling we are to be forgiven. Humility frees us to have right relationship with God and others, i.e., to “get it right next time.”

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