Popularity Versus Posterity

It cannot be overstated that what matters most is what our Lord thinks of us. After this, we should look at the lives God has given us to affect with a reverent understanding of how important one life is to Him. Every one of us has a few very important relationships God has put into our lives to make an impact on for eternity. Many people will come into and go out of our lives, and the Lord will use us to plant seeds of righteousness, but the end result will be the responsibility of the Holy Spirit, not ours. Your responsibility and mine can be related to what God charged the children of Israel with as He divided the tribe’s responsibilities into whatever was “within their gate.” Whatever or whoever is in your gate or in mine is a mystery of Providence’s choosing. We minister by the grace of God. A deferential awe and gratitude for what we’ve been given replaces the selfish need for worldly recognition as we do the duty that lies nearest. It is then natural to share this love with those in our “gate.”

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